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Technology Consulting Group (FTCG)

Introduction to FTCG
Technical Design and Assessment
Project Planning
Implementation Assistance
Security and Product Certifications
Internationalization (i18n)/ Localization (L10n)



Fluctuat Technology Consulting Group can provide expertise in requirements gathering and analysis, engineering design, HW/SW development, marketing strategy, product launch campaign, business development and sales management.

Fluctuat Technology Consulting Group has expertise in hardware, software and technology integration, marketing and sales.

Fluctuat Technology Consultants can work seemingly with your engineering team or act as your entire development group.

Furthermore all our consultants are ruled by strict ethics and strong confidentiality laws. Our services are tailored to your standards and satisfaction.  We are not here to be a disruptive force to your team   (except if you ask us to do so).

Technical Design and Assessment

  • Assess competing designs

  • Define required infrastructure and change in business processes

  • Propose solution design

  • Vendor selection

Project Planning

  • Identification of critical resources

  • Implementation project plan

  • Test plan

  • Business process test plan

  • Trial / beta planning

Implementation Assistance

  • Provide consulting / assistance with security implementation

  • Insure compliance with implementation plan

  • Provide ongoing testing and quality control assistance

  • Provide assistance with managing vendors


  • Software Implementation of prototypes, proof of concept, trial Secure modules

  • Application / GUI software development

Security and Product Certifications

Our team can execute Tests and Quality Assurance Control for Pre- and Post- Release Products. We can assist in different standards achievements related to Security or other fields of technology such as but not limited to:

  •     EMV Level 1 and 2.

  •     PCI PED, Visa PinPED.

  •     FIPS.

  •     STIP (Global Platform), FINREAD.

  •     CC, ISO 8716, ISO 14443 and other Smart Card related standards.

  •     Others security and government related requirements.

  •     Other local standards for financial and banking industry.

Internationalization (i18n)/ Localization (L10n)

Our technology team can help ready your product for launch in local foreign markets. We can define necessary changes, pin-point design changes, arrange for integration testing of the L10N components and validate all related documentation is complete.

Please ask for an early free consultation if your product roadmap already calls for worldwide sales.  Keep in mind that adopting appropriate architecture is key to cost savings and delays associated with any product changes.



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